training camps (USA/EU)

Are you looking for a soccer training camp as well as an opportunity for your talented players to have a try out while abroad with you?

Looking for an on-field activity (such as 'ball boys/girls', holding flags as players walk out, waving a big midfield banner, etc) during a match for your boys or girls while abroad?

Want your players to be coached by a professional soccer staff and NOT some community hired individuals?

Are you a professional team academy or is your team made up of top talent and you are seeking to play in a high caliber tournament while abroad?

Are you interested in a 'free style' or a 'street soccer' session with some of the best 'youtube' artists in the industry?

PLEASE get in touch with us and let's discuss your interest in order to define your specific objectives so we can meet all of your soccer needs.

Feyenoord Rotterdam

- Partnership development     
​- Corporate involvement (sponsorship) 
- Feyenoord Soccer Schools 

Special project
​- Investing in professional youth academies  
- Investing in professional soccer clubs 
- Soccer economics (club ownership) 
- Contract negotiations
​- Branding and sales  

Individual or business guidance
​- Try outs abroad 
- Career guidance 
- Management 

Training Camps (USA/EU) 

- Team training camp + a tournament 
- Feyenoord as a host (Holland) 
- Training camp and friendlies 

​For pricing & details contact IPM.

The International PRO Management is a privately held domestic and international sport business company.  The niche focus is a youth & professional soccer market.  We operate mainly in the United States and Europe.  Associates involved are sophisticated industry specialists who are ready to perform at the highest possible standards.  We don't have a magic formula; we redefine and reshape our product based on a client's objective. 

We will collaborate with you in an open dialog and create a solution for your project with an utmost confidentiality.


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