special projects

with partners

- Co-branded initiatives 

- Events (camps, soccer schools, tournaments, coaching     seminars, clinics, etc)

- International friendlies (FIFA Match Agent)

- Residential academy concept  

- Soccer club sponsorship (technical or business side)

- Scouting

consulting & aDVISING


Are you developing professional caliber youth players and missing out on transfer fees? Is that THE goal of your club?  In the USA, many youth clubs aren't able to monetize on their investments in youth development.  To some board members this might even be a foreign concept because many of them have made a living in other professional sectors.  If you are looking to capitalize in educational and or future transfer fees on your young players who are ready for a European journey then let International PRO Management present you with an economic model where this is possible all in addition to your current membership based fee structure.

Does your kid have talent?   Are you tired of DA, NPL, ODP and or high school competition set up? Ready to explore international opportunities for your young kid? Whether is it just a relevant exposure, we can most likely assist. It could be the first step of many more opportunities abroad. A tryout domestically or in EU could be next! 

Are you a venture capitalist, an investor, a business that is ready to explore opportunities in soccer on a business or a technical side?  Ready to create 'a soccer portfolio'?


Let us know what your interests are so we can help you find your way in the most beautiful game.

SERVice Areas

International PRO Management provides variety of services to soccer clubs from youth to professional ranks as well as potential business clients that do not possess soccer economics expertise.   Whether a club, an individual, or a business entity is looking for opportunities here in the USA or in Europe, IPM can help.  In the 'team' market, we can arrange memorable programs pertaining youth soccer tours, tournament participation, try outs, college soccer tours, a training camp with a professional team, on field European soccer experiences for your team and much more.  For an individual investor or a business entity, we are your 'foot in the door' when it comes to European professional soccer.  Investors seek ways to diversify their portfolios - investing in soccer on a commercial or a technical side can provide a great return.  Professional clubs nowadays are being creative in terms of their youth academy set ups and transfer fees are numbering millions.  LET THE IPM HELP YOU FIND YOUR WAY IN SOCCER!